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We Do More Than Billing
We Change The Way You Do Business

MYNT Medical Billing makes sure you get paid on time,
allowing you to grow your practice and
focus on patient care.

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Committed to Medical Billing Innovation Since 1992

We put our decades of experience and excellence in the medical billing industry to work for you.

So, what’s our point of difference?

ACSS (now Altura Health) created MYNT Medical Billing Services in 2017 in response to client needs. More practices wanted to outsource billing altogether, rather than take the time and staff to handle it in-house. As a result, we handle everything from patient billing to collections for practices and hospitals across Australia.

Our Parent Company, ACSS (now Altura Health), has been an innovator in medical billing since 1992. They’ve developed two software packages that have set industry standards:

  • eClaims medical billing software, and
  • SimDay management software for day hospitals.

In 2017, ACSS (now Altura Health) also won the Frost & Sullivan award for Australia Medical Billing & Practice Management New Product Innovation. It’s a tremendous honor and a testament to our dedication to continued excellence.

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Michelle Romero
Altura Health, CEO
MYNT Medical Billing Services, Founder, and CEO


Over the last 17 years, Michelle Romero has been developing software specifically for the healthcare industry. With a degree in Engineering/Computer Science, she’s the brains behind SimDay and PreAdmit, an award-winning online admissions system used by hospitals across Australia.



Michelle says, “I love working with organisations to identify what else software can do to make running the practice/hospital more effective and then developing those tools so they’re easy to systemise and use.”


Outside of work, Michelle serves on the board of the Magic Moments, a non-profit foundation that works to educate, enlighten and enrich the lives of those in need.


Why Choose Us?

We’ve spent 25 years helping all types of practices manage their billing needs.

We’re Experts In Medical Billing

Our proprietary software and decades of experience mean we can handle all your billing needs–from patient invoicing and filing insurance claims to chasing payment–quickly, accurately, and affordably.

Your Needs Are Our Mission Statement

Our company was created in response to client needs, and we’re committed to continuing in that spirit. Need bespoke services? We’ll plan for you. Have a billing issue that needs a creative solution? We’re the best in the business.


We get paid only when you do, so our rates are based on paid claims and invoices, not what’s out-going. You pay just 4% + GST of paid claims.

Award-Winning Innovation

In 2017 our parent company, ACSS (now Altura Health), was the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Award for Australia Medical Billing & Practice Management New Product Innovation.

Ready To Work Less And Make More Money?

Spare yourself the billing headaches (and get paid more often) by letting MYNT Medical Billing Services do your medical billing for you!


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