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Welcome to MYNT and thank you for trusting us with your billing work.


For in-hospital Health Fund Claims

Assuming you are already registered with the health funds, we can get started with your billing work immediately.


For Medicare or Veterans Claims

Send us your billing work, however for these claims to get paid, we will need to link your provider number to our billing software, so there is one form to complete (we will send you this form – if you plan on billing Medicare/Veterans claims). Medicare takes approx 2 weeks to link your provider number to our software, so send us your billing work, we will get it billed, but we won’t send the claims to Medicare/Veterans until your provider number has been linked.


Information required from you

  • Patient first and last name
  • Patient date of birth
  • Patient medicare number (or Veterans number – if a Veterans claim)
  • Patient gender (only required if a Veterans claim)
  • Patient health fund and membership number (if a health fund claim)
  • Referring doctor first and last name
  • Referring doctor provider number
  • Referring doctor type e.g GP or Specialist (this is so we can work out if this is a 3 or 12 month referral)
  • Referral Date
  • Date of Service
  • Item Numbers/s

We don’t need the health fund or medicare amount, we will always use the current medicare / health fund fees.


Sending us your billing work

You can send us scanned notes, photos using your phone, word or excel files, whatever you prefer. Then email it to us or fax it to us 02 9632 0096.



We have various templates you can use to collect the billing information, see which one suits you and make edits to it or ask us to customise it for you.